I have often asked myself this question, as I believe many of us do. And my answers have varied. One day I am my daddy’s daughter, my mother’s mirror, a child of God, wife, sister, friend, cousin, and petparent. A black woman of both African-American and Guyanese heritage. Other times I am a former radio station executive, brand trainer for a major cosmetics line, marketing manager for a premium pet food company and director of a newly funded social justice agency. Or am I an entrepreneur, dreamer and wisher of wellness?

Some days I am confident, while others I am confused.

We all, at some point struggle to define ourselves. Struggling to fit into a box or several boxes, neatly lined up waiting to be pulled down off of the shelf and unpacked when most appropriate. I have expertise in so many areas and I am an activist in many others.

I am a social justice crusader. I believe that although many of society’s ills are manmade social constructs, they are realities that we life with and walk in every day. I love the black community. I am an advocate for healing of our families economically, physically, educationally, mentally and spirituality. I am a lover of animals; dogs and cats and all living beings with breath deserve to live on this earth in peace with the human species. I am a teller of truth and knowledge seeker.

I am strong willed and passionate, quick to debate and sometimes angry. I am your best friend and your greatest adversary. I love hard and deep.

I realize that who I am is ever evolving, changing and growing. I am a journeywoman. A woman on a journey of this thing called life.

I cannot define me, I can only live and strive each day to be better than the day before. I am asking the same questions and seeking the same answers as those that came before me. My only hope that I serve my purpose and  will be remembered.

I am Tiffany.