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Love of Books


 “A man who doesn’t read is just as bad as a man who can’t read.” – Unknown

I LOVE to read. I mean LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! It is my passion. I used to be a voracious reader, consuming book after book, never satisfying my appetite for the next book.  I was addicted to reading and have been this way since I was a little girl. As a child and teenager, my parents could often find me locked in my room all day on Saturday and Sunday going through books written by Beverly Cleary or the entire Sweet Valley High collection.  It was an escape, drifting away into another world, where I became a part of the story, knew the characters and was familiar with the backdrop.

It was my way to travel without ever leaving my room. I visited places and learned about different cultures.  I was rich and poor, sweet and sassy, beautiful and plain all from the 4 corners of my bedroom walls. My love of books did not end with novels,  I greedily took in the pages of my history books through out my high school years as well, my desire for stories was a vast opening that could not be filled.

When I entered college, I realized that my love of reading was tied to a passion for words.  They had meaning and I would use them to express, explain and/or explore anything that I wished.  I soon decided to minor in African American studies, where I learned that WHAT you read was MORE important that reading alone.  I started to learn that history and storytelling was always told from the perspective of the storyteller.  I wanted truth and had learned that many things I had read and learned to that point were not steeped in truth but fallacy.

Columbus DID NOT discover America (by the way you can’t find something that already existed and was inhabited by a people long before you came along – like someone walking into my bedroom and say “Wow , I like it here, I  guess I will claim it as mine.” Abraham Lincoln did not sign the Emancipation Proclamation because he believed that slavery was wrong. Susan B. Anthony did not advance the women’s suffrage movement for ALL women.

Everything that I had learned had been a lie.

I was hoodwinked, bamboozled, got!

Now the author and their credibility became just as important as the subject matter and content of the book. So, now I am just as selective about who as what I choose to read. I look for truth, inspiration, wisdom and knowledge.  My mind has opened, my views have changed and there has been a renewing of my mind.

Reading is like discovering a secret treasure chest that is overflowing with riches.  I only hope that you discover treasures as bountiful as I have.

Thank you to Dr. Carter G. Woodson for explaining my miseducation.  I owe you everything.

Happy Reading!


In Truth, Light and Love


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