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Blueberry Breakfast

I am not a healthy eater. I want to be better and if I am honest with myself, I try, only sometimes. One thing that I have become great at, is identifying a food (fruit or vegetable) that has some great health benefits and incorporating it into my diet in several ways. One of my favorite things about the blueberry is that, for me, it is very mild in taste, unlike some other healthy foods that can overpower you with a taste that you try hard to mask. Let me share with you some things I have discovered about the blueberry.


  1. Helps lower cholesterol – the high fiber content helps lower cholesterol on the blood
  2. Decrease risk of heart disease – high fiber food that decreases risk of heart disease
  3. Helps in prevention of cancer – high in antioxidants (vitamin A, vitamin C) that  protect against free radical damage AND decrease inflammation in the body
  4. Assists in Weight Loss – high fiber helps with reducing appetite and making you fell fuller loner
  5. Great Skin Booster – high in vitamin C that works on healthy collagen production

Easy Ways to Eat Them

  1. Alone -Grap a Handful (be careful not to burst any on light color clothing)
  2. Cereal  (hot or cold) – Sprinkle them on top of cold or stir into hot cereal while cooking
  3. Pancakes – (this is my favorite) I love to mix into the batter before cooking
  4. Yogurt – Mix in and enjoy
  5. Smoothies – Great way to get most of my fruit/vegetables needs in a convenient manner

I fell in love with blueberries after my aunt stayed with me one summer.  She has a PhD in Nutrition and was writing for medical journals. This particular summer she was writing about the benefits of flavonoids. I heard her mention over and over and over, that flavonoids were good for you due to their antioxidant effects.  Needless to say, I ate a lot of blueberries and drank lots of grape juice.  Did I see any drastic changes, no. It was just good to know that I was doing something good for my body.

I get blueberries year round from my local health food grocer but I understand that summer is their season. Think about incorporating blueberries in your breakfast.


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